Just started by Arr0vvs who used to live in Hebra. Cant wait to see what they will build.

This screenshot dates back to August 2014, I really miss the days there was always someone playing at any given moment.

I see pillagers, they are everywhere!

I see pillagers, they are everywhere!

We are not sure whats going on but Pillagers are spawning like there is no tomorrow, making this island the ideal place to do some xp grinding!

Slowly more and more shops at the Agrabah shopping town.

Creative plot world opened!

From spawn go up the stairs, take a left at the fountain into the portal temple and go left inside for the portal to Minerva our new creative plot world.

M3luney is back and going cottage!

What happened with the server today?!

Wow, been some time since I last used the website for an update but this is too much for chat.

Yesterday, May 26th, a group of hack client kiddies came onto the server, talking about how cool they were with their hack skills (downloading a hacked client and clicking a button is not hacking but I digress). So, after about 8 of them logged on I decided to download the client, see what it could do and try to prevent anything nasty from happening. I found a plugin called Horizon. I ran some tests with the puckman71 account and Horizon indeed seemed to block most of the bad behavior, some like radar it did not but they are not that bad. Problem solved I thought.

Fast forward to the next day. Some unknown error slowed down the server which resulted in some false positives on fast movements. To make matters worse some staff logged on and of course, they can do things normal players cant which resulted in even more false positives which kicked people off plus grew the usual 10kb log file to a massive 4000kb log file which REALLY slowed down things.

Mammoth and crew reported a few other plugins possibly causing some slowdown which I’m currently investigating. It was also brought to my attention that saving the map every 15 minutes was too much. I did this as the first 1.14 release was buggy and often crashed the server. When the server crashes you lose whatever edits you did since the last save. Seeing things are more stable I have changed it to 1 hour. That means if it crashes you will have lost 1 hour of building.

We also moved from Spigot to Paper, many rave about its performance, we switched about a week ago and so far it’s looking solid.

I’m tweaking the server daily for better performance. If something seems off please contact me on Discord. Screaming in chat helps no one. See a problem, report a problem, analyze it and resolve it. The kaizen way!

5 years running, whats next for Kaizen Worlds?

So the server is now more than 5 years old! In that time we have seen over 1600 people log on, many coming back a few times a year just to see if we are still alive. On quiet days we only see a handful of people log on while on busy days it has topped at over 50 players in a 24-hour slot.

Now with the 1.13 update, I think its time to rethink how the server operates. I’m also lacking in free time so want to set things up in a way that reduces administration.

Things have not been set in stone yet, a few of us are having discussions and things are still in flux but some things I can share already.

Fun plugins that provide features like ability ranking, shops, warps, teleports, economy, land claiming and protection will all be backĀ 100%. Factions will be ditched as we found that most players play by themselves, there were only a handful of factions that had more than 2 members. Right now we have Griefprevention and Residence on the table. Both offer very flexible land claiming and both let you subdivide your claim for members in your town/city/club/clan.

Other features to return are creeper holes repairing themselves, various cosmetic VIP perks, NPCs, MiniGames and Quests.

I will enable comments on this post in case anyone has questions or suggestions! 0

We are running the 1.13 snapshot!
Several of us were dying to play around with 1.13 and I wanted to know how it would run on the server so we voted and the turnout was 1-week trial on 1.13 snapshot. That’s from April the 28th till May the 5th. Of course if people want we can run the trial longer.

The Entire 1.12.2 server with maps, builds, ranks, permissions, cash and XP has been stored so can be reactivated at any time. Nothing is lost!

Once 1.13 comes out we will switch over and the staff is hard at work crafting a master plan on how the server will function. More on that later, for now, some quick screenshots of the server running 1.13. So far 7 people have started playing.

IMPORTANT. Due to this being a snapshot and Spigot not releasing their work in progress we are a vanilla server, that means no plugins. What does that mean? No fancy chat, no teleports, no warps, no shops, no cash, no mcmmo etc etc.


For a full list of changes check here.