How things work

Main server commands

/bottle get [amount]
This will store your XP into empty glass bottles so you can use it later or sell.

  • /spawn will get you back to spawn
  • /back go back to the last place you came from, works after a teleport or death
  • /balance shows how much money you have
  • /cmi book a build in book editor
  • /cmi cheque [playername] [amount] creates a piece of paper with a cash value which can be given to others or stored
  • /home [name] go to a certain home warp you have previously set
  • /sethome [name] create a custom home warp
  • /delhome [name] delete one of your homes warps
  • /mail [playername] leave a message for a friend
  • /cmi msg privately tell another player something
  • /tell [playername] whisper something to another player
  • /seen [playername] check when a friend was on last
  • /sit sit anywhere and anytime
  • /tpa [playername] request a teleport

The chat plugin comes with some basic swear filtering, this is to keep the server friendly for all ages. You can use the /tell username to whisper something to someone or simply click on their name inside the game window.








Big plugin commands

Basic commands
Shows your latency: A measure for figuring out how laggy your connection is.

Shows how laggy the server itself is. The closer to 20, the better. The command shows TPS at 1m, 5m and 15m so you get a good idea of server performance the last 15 minutes.

/seen playername
Shows when a player was last online

How rich are you? Or poor 😉

Creates a home warp point, default players get 1 sethome, vips get more. You get back to that point with /home