The Optifine Plugin!

Optifine is a small but powerful Minecraft mod that optimizes the game’s performance. Seeing there are still a lot of players on our server that don’t have Optifine installed, I’ve decided to make this little video.

As you can see it really makes a huge difference when it comes to areas that have signs, item frames, and redstone circuits. In this video I visited Technologics’ shop twice, first with a vanilla Minecraft client and then again with Optifine enabled. I chose his shop because he has several shops with signs and a running redstone circuit crammed into a small space.

From this video you can take away two things, first is to install Optifine; Its essential! Second, if you want to make your shop friendly for players to visit, do not have a redstone clock in it as it will murder their framerate.

Install Optifine by clicking here. if you click on the mirror link you will get 1 ad screen less. 😉