I’m happy to report that the server player base is once more increasing. It’s still nowhere near the level of 3 years ago but moving in the right direction!


Aeon Settlement by SonCaJun

The Town of Whitestone Is Taking Shape!

Whats JCHobbs951 up to?

MachinistDecy’s mega platform
MachinistDecy thinking hard what to build on his MEGA platform.


The server is growing again!
One of the reasons I decided to relaunch, apart from the 1.8 update, was to blow some new life into the server and last Sunday we had 9 users online!

9-usersFurther stats:
48 players have logged onto the server since the relaunch, 15 of those play daily while 24 log on at least once a week, the rest are either new or don’t log on much.