Hey friends! Matt here, with a public service announcement. I have decided to temporarily close G2 Games for some heavy work and clean up. TF2 will be temporarily disabled. In the meantime make sure you watch the blog and TheG2ProjectNetwork YouTube channel for updates.


Hello everyone! Thanks for playing on Kaizen Worlds. I am Matt Nguyen also known as MattTheDolphin. I also lead a group of filmmakers on the YouTube Channel: TheG2ProjectNetwork

I have been working with Puckman71 for about one year on a Mini-Game World. And I’m glad to announce that The G2 Game Zone will be open this June! It’s already open for people to come beta test the games but we only have one game ready but we will be releasing more games for players to beta test along the way.

– You can use ./warp g2hub
– You can use the Beta Portal located at spawn.


Hey people, Joenaruto here. Couple quick updates. The Admins on the server have started a heated prank war! Various pranks of all sizes are being thrown, some quite literally, at […]