We are running the 1.13 snapshot!
Several of us were dying to play around with 1.13 and I wanted to know how it would run on the server so we voted and the turnout was 1-week trial on 1.13 snapshot. That’s from April the 28th till May the 5th. Of course if people want we can run the trial longer.

The Entire 1.12.2 server with maps, builds, ranks, permissions, cash and XP has been stored so can be reactivated at any time. Nothing is lost!

Once 1.13 comes out we will switch over and the staff is hard at work crafting a master plan on how the server will function. More on that later, for now, some quick screenshots of the server running 1.13. So far 7 people have started playing.

IMPORTANT. Due to this being a snapshot and Spigot not releasing their work in progress we are a vanilla server, that means no plugins. What does that mean? No fancy chat, no teleports, no warps, no shops, no cash, no mcmmo etc etc.


For a full list of changes check here.

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