PluginTalk: Regionerator
As you might know, we are going to install a new plugin called Regionerator. This plugin will delete chunks based on when it was last visited by a player. Players can take steps to ensure their house will never be removed.

          How does it work?
As players move around, it will flag a radius of four chunks around them. From the time of flagging it starts a 30 day countdown. As soon as it reaches the end of those 30 days, and if someone didn’t visit the area again, it will delete those chunks. Chunks that have Towny or Worldguard protections on them will never be deleted unless revoked.

          What does deleted mean?
Deleted means everything that was in those chunks will be removed from the server. This includes changes and builds made by past players! When someone visit the chunk after deletion, the server will regenerate that chunk, as if no one has ever been there before. All mined resources will spawn again, and the landscape will be fresh, waiting for future players to build and explore.

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