Kaizen Worlds was founded on the 23rd of April, 2013 as a vanilla survival server. At the last count, we have seen over 2,468 people log onto our little server! Our players are of all ages, races, religions, and orientations. As such please be respectful of all!

Locations for you to visit

The main spawn island is based on Peter Pans Neverland island. You will arrive at a magical cave which contains warp portals to the Towny protected survival map called Midori and various other locations around both Neverland Island and the Midori Survival world.

Gameplay points

  • Gain skill and expierence points via the mcMMO plugin
  • Make money by killing mobs, buying and selling via server maintained shops or start your own shops.
  • Dont worry if you die, your inventory will be placed in a death chest.
  • You can use the Towny plugin to start a town and claim land so its protected, want to play with your friends, invite them to your town and work together.
  • Too busy to log onto the server but do want to stay in touch with your fellow players? The Discord integration lets you do this. The staff has Discord chat on their phones to keep an eye on the server at all times.
  • Confused where to go? Use the bluemap interactive 3D map on our website.
  • Frustrated with chopping down trees? Not on Kaizen Worlds, when you chop over a tree it falls realisticly to the ground.
  • Dont want to walk all over the map? Why not fly? With the Super Elytra you can endlessly fly around.


We used to have mini games but the plugins have not been updated for the latest versions of Minecraft. After some extensive searching we now have found a great premium mini game plugin which has been purchased and installed. Looking for volunteers to help build some custom games.

Affiliated and/or Association

Kaizen Worlds is not affiliated or associated with Minecraft or Mojang.

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