We have had many different unspoken rules over the years but to avoid confusion we decided to pen them down. Still a work in progress!


PVP is disabled in the main overworld but enabled in the Nether so enter at your own risk.

Raiding and griefing
There is a difference between the two. Raiding is where you go into someone else’s build and take items you want, griefing is destroying someone else’s build. Raiding unprotected land is allowed, griefing is not. Claiming land is very easy via the Residence plugin, there is no reason not to have a protected build.

Language and behavior
The main language of the server is English.  And we try to be a family friendly server. Falling in some lava with a full enchanted diamond armor might result in some cursing but don’t overdo it. Just reflects poorly on you as a person. Racism, homophobic behavior and downright bullying of other players is not acceptable and will result in a ban.

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