Server Restarts
The PressureWarp plugin that is used by the warps in the spawn ships is very old. It hasn’t been updated since 2015 and while it was fine for a long time, it causes Java errors and crashes with the latest Minecraft server every other day. Same goes for Dynmap. Its up to date but these versions are always Dev versions, aka not finished products.

To combat this I’ve created a script that checks if the server is down every five minutes, so at the most anyone will see is five minutes of downtime.

I’m looking into an alternative to PressureWarp but I already know there isn’t one for Dynmap, as its a unique plugin.

Carbonkitty first 1.8 build, the patchwork makes me think of an old fashioned quilt!


I met hotdish over at the Foxy server which is sadly closing its doors. He stuck right in and within a few hours had his house up and going!


A work in progress 0

Progress continues on DWhovian1’s Mansion build


DWhovian has begun working on his mansion

It is only the beginning but DWhovian1’s mansion shows some promise of a beautiful finished product. 0

This is to show DWhovian that his walking will be well worth it when he gets here. Love the natural water feature! 0