The town of Carlisle

Carlisle was one of the first large Towny towns. At its peak it had over 14 members. Sadly they left and today the cash in their bank ran out so the town fell into disrepair. Lethal was one of the first on the scene to raid their chests for goodies.

Small Towny Database Crash

Today the Towny plugin refused to read from it’s database after the daily restart. It refused to budge after several different attempts at fixing it, so I restored a four-day old backup. Luckily I had a list of actions I did in the last few days, so I could do them again. I also gave back the money of two people I saw deposit funds into their town banks.

This does not affect the map. All Towny does is keep track of towns, nations, their claims, cash, and plots they have. If you find anything that is not right, please let me know, so I can assist. Sadly the MCMMO data was also in the same database so that rolled back four days as well.

The Towny and MCMMO data have now been converted from MySQL to Flatfile, so we won’t have this problem again.