Themed Buying And Selling
Having all of the shops in one area makes for boring gameplay, and for people without dedicated high-end graphics cards, it also means a serious drop in frames per second.

The original plan always was to have different shops for different regions, and now the server cities are nearing completing, we have started moving shops away from Sevendale. The first major one is a shop for nether related material. It is now to be found in the nether Sevendale station. The public nether portal is to be found up the stairs past the lumber mill.

Spawn is slowly taking form!
I’m building a huge wall around the whole spawn area, once completed there will be farms, animals, villagers and buttons which give goodies. The whole area is lid up so it should be monster free.

As far as snapshot bugs go, not seen any show stoppers. Just cosmetics, I think the final release of 1.8 is imminent.

The wall with walking view area is shown top left, the spawn castle is taking shape top right, spawn point is right in the middle and the green grass part will be the shops and houses.


Our new spawn point. Sadly due to the way vanilla handles spawn you will be throw anywhere around this, including the water! Once we have bukkit we will again have an exact spawn which will be the middle of this circle.

The design was inspired by the logo of the Dharma Initiative from the LOST TV Series.


I left a cap in the mountain range to serve as an entrance, here I have started building the wall to close it off to the outside world.