Behind the scenes
What is the money you donate used for?

The main items that the donations are spent on:
1 – the yearly fee for the domain kaizen-worlds.net so you don’t have to use an ugly number
2 – hosting for our website, the one you are looking at now
3 – shared hosting plan for the actual server, we try to do this per 6 months to get a nice 15% discount
4 – a yearly fee for the dedicated IP port so you don’t need to add a number behind mc.kaizen-worlds.net

Any money left is either held in the PayPal account or used to buy a premium plugin which often has much better performance and support when compared to the free ones. Right now we run 11 premium plugins, like FactionTax, Leaderheads, MCMMO, Shop, ProQuests, Chat Control Pro, Headdatabase and many others.

The 3 options to run a Minecraft server.

1 – Run it on your home machine.
Ideally a dedicated machine you do not play on. With an SSD drive for fast map saves, plenty of RAM and a solid internet connection. Downside? You need to ensure the machine keeps running if a part breaks the server is down. If your internet connection has a problem your server is down. If you are using the internet connection to download something big or stream movies your minecraft server will lag and lastly it eats power from running 24/7/.

2 – hire dedicated hardware in a data centre.
Around the globe, there are big secure buildings that have rows and rows of powerful computers. These often feature power backup. Redundant parts so they can swap out broken parts and your data synced on another machine, in case yours goes down it will switch over. Downside? Expensive!

3 – rent a virtual machine in a data centre.
Like option 2 this data centre will have powerful machines but this time around you do not get the whole machine to yourself. Instead they run a virtual computer on that computer. Those machines will have server virtual machines running on them sharing the ram and storage. This is often not a problem as all servers are not active all the time. As such you can have something almost as good as option 2 for a fraction of the price. Downside? If the company you host with puts too many virtual machines on the real hardware you start lagging real bad.

Sadly we seem to need rules
We try to keep things simple and free at Kaizen Worlds but we do need some basic rules.

First off, we are a survival server so do not ask for free items. I only go into creative mode to work on the spawn area, the rest of the time I play in pure survival. That said DO ask other players for trades.

Carbonkitty and Diamondhoodie love farming so they are good people to trade farm related items with. The Troy loves fishing so talk to him if you need some fish. I love chopping wood and collect plants. YetiEatsYou, a new player to Kaizen Worlds, is a mining machine, so is SFaulken so speak to them for mining related trades.

Next up, griefing. Until we have the claims plugin back please do not touch other peoples builds. It sucks putting a lot of time into something only to find it griefed the next day. Once the claims plugin is back its open season, if you don’t claim anyone is allowed to destroy your build. We will use the griefprevention plugin which is silly easy to use. There will be a tutorial on the blog and as a YouTube video once its back.

PVP, it’s enabled but seeing players range from 4 to 40 please be aware not everyone might think it us funny to be ambushed. Once the worldguard plugin is back we will have PVP and non-PVP areas. If you walk into a PVP area you will be an open target for attacks and getting all your items taken. We will make paths between all areas on the server that will be non-PVP so you can get around without getting hassled.

Lastly, language. The f word is a great word when used in the right sentence but overuse just makes you look like an ass, just don’t, ok?


Donations, the blood of the server
We are a server by users for users. Most of us come from servers we poured our heart and soul into only to see it closed down. Kaizen Worlds intends to be free of that, as such I do my very best to keep expenses low so we can run the server off donations.

When we all share the cost we can play for next to nothing. If you enjoy the server please consider donating, every dollar helps and will be invested 100% into the server.
So far the top donators are SFaulken, MattTheDolphin from the G2 Project, Samantha, The_Troy and the Grolleman father and son team!
If you are unable to donate please invest some time in promoting the server. Tell your friends and family, share one of the blog posts or screenshots on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Plus or whatever network you are on. The more people the more fun!


What is Yeti doing to the water temple he found?
Seems like he is building a wall around the entire temple!


Our new spawn point. Sadly due to the way vanilla handles spawn you will be throw anywhere around this, including the water! Once we have bukkit we will again have an exact spawn which will be the middle of this circle.

The design was inspired by the logo of the Dharma Initiative from the LOST TV Series.


I made a little public farm so people can get their hands on basic food as the villages are far from spawn. Please replant if you take anything, thanks!


Hello everyone! Thanks for playing on Kaizen Worlds. I am Matt Nguyen also known as MattTheDolphin. I also lead a group of filmmakers on the YouTube Channel: TheG2ProjectNetwork

I have been working with Puckman71 for about one year on a Mini-Game World. And I’m glad to announce that The G2 Game Zone will be open this June! It’s already open for people to come beta test the games but we only have one game ready but we will be releasing more games for players to beta test along the way.

– You can use ./warp g2hub
– You can use the Beta Portal located at spawn.


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