Sunrise over at generalD98 man made island

The server is growing again!
One of the reasons I decided to relaunch, apart from the 1.8 update, was to blow some new life into the server and last Sunday we had 9 users online!

9-usersFurther stats:
48 players have logged onto the server since the relaunch, 15 of those play daily while 24 log on at least once a week, the rest are either new or don’t log on much.


Our growing map thanks to the explorers.
As you can see from this map MCMAP Live render we have not found the mesa biome yet but as far as I can see all other biomes have been discovered.

The offer of 64 diamonds for the mesa biome still stands.


Flags of the world at Kaizen Worlds Spawn!
One of the things I like the most of our little Kaizen Worlds Minecraft Survival server is the diversity of people playing. Seeing that 1.8 now supports banners we now have flags representing the countries of our players.

We will add more as people log on.

Banners created by YettiEatsYou


A water temple without water!
Ever wondered what the new water temple looked like without all the water? No worries, Yeti found one, build a wall around it and then drained every last drop with sponges!


Spawn is slowly taking form!
I’m building a huge wall around the whole spawn area, once completed there will be farms, animals, villagers and buttons which give goodies. The whole area is lid up so it should be monster free.

As far as snapshot bugs go, not seen any show stoppers. Just cosmetics, I think the final release of 1.8 is imminent.

The wall with walking view area is shown top left, the spawn castle is taking shape top right, spawn point is right in the middle and the green grass part will be the shops and houses.


As you might have noticed by now we are running the latest snapshot for the upcoming Minecraft 1.8 and as you can see from the map render below 5 people have already started building houses. One person is building underground which is wise seeing we do not have any plugins so no griefprevention, sorry about that.
Seeing there is no griefprevention I will give anyone a free ender chest for their special items but I still suggest making a secret hidden room to hide your valuables. Also if you see anyone griefing simply take a screenshot, send it to me and they will be banned for life!
Please be aware that creepers blow up stuff, and thunder and lava can set your house on fire as M3luney found out the hard way.