Heya people! For those wondering, Kaizen in Japanese is “everlasting gradual improvement.” Random facts. Heh. New blogger staffer ere. Would rather not reveal my full name, but both on here […]

What’s up everyone, this is MattTheDolphin here! Just an update: as of September 7, 2013 we have opened our server to the public. Puckman71, The Kaizen Worlds Staff and I […]

I left a cap in the mountain range to serve as an entrance, here I have started building the wall to close it off to the outside world.

I went out for lunch, came back to find that xxdeadahead had made us some beds and this big creeper face. In the background you can see the final rougher […]

First attempt at creating the Kaizen Worlds mountain range with WorldPainter. To smooth, I want more rugged mountains and more space, the lake that goes all the way down to […]