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Your Help Needed!

Servers are more fun with more people on it. It’s that simple. Apart from donating which keeps the server up and running, there are also other ways you can help:

  1. Use the server banner as your signature on any of the many online Minecraft forums like PlanetMinecraft and Minecraft forum.
  2. Reply to posts on Minecraft forums with helpful comments while having the banner mentioned above.
  3. Vote for us! You can get a list of sites to vote at in game by using the /vote command.
  4. Invite your friends, family, colleagues and class members.

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Aeon Settlement by SonCaJun

Themed Buying And Selling
Having all of the shops in one area makes for boring gameplay, and for people without dedicated high-end graphics cards, it also means a serious drop in frames per second.

The original plan always was to have different shops for different regions, and now the server cities are nearing completing, we have started moving shops away from Sevendale. The first major one is a shop for nether related material. It is now to be found in the nether Sevendale station. The public nether portal is to be found up the stairs past the lumber mill.

New Shop Plugin
First we had QuickShops, which gave us nice floating icons above chests as well as signs on them. This was fine, however the plugin often lagged behind Minecraft releases, so we moved to Shopchests which was more up to date but did not feature signs on chests. In addition, we discovered last week that the chests would not work properly in the Nether.

While searching online for yet another alternative, we decided to grab a premium plugin, named ‘Shop.’ Yes, this was payed with our, already small, hosting budget but now we have a plugin that just works, is up to date, has all the features we want, and much more. Everyone can create shops that sell, buy, or barter items, and can choose how to display products between four display modes.

The 4 display modes for shops.

Staff can create gambling shops. the first one you will find is in Sevendale’s restaurant, ‘t’begijntje.’ For 150 in game dollars you can have a lucky draw which will randomly give you anything from dirt all the way to enchanted diamond armour, beacons, and that one thing you really want.

The lucky draw shop at t’begijntje restaurant in Sevendale.

The page with the shop plugin workings is available here.

Warp Plugin Has Been Replaced!
The outdated Pressure Warp plugin has been replaced with MyWarps, a newer plugin. There are no more pressure plates involved, unlike the old way of getting somewhere. Instead, people should now right-click on warp-signs to use them. The main ship at Sevendale has been redone, and other ships will follow this week.

Server Restarts
The PressureWarp plugin that is used by the warps in the spawn ships is very old. It hasn’t been updated since 2015 and while it was fine for a long time, it causes Java errors and crashes with the latest Minecraft server every other day. Same goes for Dynmap. Its up to date but these versions are always Dev versions, aka not finished products.

To combat this I’ve created a script that checks if the server is down every five minutes, so at the most anyone will see is five minutes of downtime.

I’m looking into an alternative to PressureWarp but I already know there isn’t one for Dynmap, as its a unique plugin.

     The Optifine Plugin!

Optifine is a small but powerful Minecraft mod that optimizes the game’s performance. Seeing there are still a lot of players on our server that don’t have Optifine installed, I’ve decided to make this little video.

As you can see it really makes a huge difference when it comes to areas that have signs, item frames, and redstone circuits. In this video I visited Technologics’ shop twice, first with a vanilla Minecraft client and then again with Optifine enabled. I chose his shop because he has several shops with signs and a running redstone circuit crammed into a small space.

From this video you can take away two things, first is to install Optifine; Its essential! Second, if you want to make your shop friendly for players to visit, do not have a redstone clock in it as it will murder their framerate.

Install Optifine by clicking here. if you click on the mirror link you will get 1 ad screen less. 😉

The town of Carlisle

Carlisle was one of the first large Towny towns. At its peak it had over 14 members. Sadly they left and today the cash in their bank ran out so the town fell into disrepair. Lethal was one of the first on the scene to raid their chests for goodies.

          PluginTalk: Regionerator
As you might know, we are going to install a new plugin called Regionerator. This plugin will delete chunks based on when it was last visited by a player. Players can take steps to ensure their house will never be removed.

          How does it work?
As players move around, it will flag a radius of four chunks around them. From the time of flagging it starts a 30 day countdown. As soon as it reaches the end of those 30 days, and if someone didn’t visit the area again, it will delete those chunks. Chunks that have Towny or Worldguard protections on them will never be deleted unless revoked.

          What does deleted mean?
Deleted means everything that was in those chunks will be removed from the server. This includes changes and builds made by past players! When someone visit the chunk after deletion, the server will regenerate that chunk, as if no one has ever been there before. All mined resources will spawn again, and the landscape will be fresh, waiting for future players to build and explore.

The Town of Whitestone Is Taking Shape!