5 years running, whats next for Kaizen Worlds?

So the server is now more than 5 years old! In that time we have seen over 1600 people log on, many coming back a few times a year just to see if we are still alive. On quiet days we only see a handful of people log on while on busy days it has topped at over 50 players in a 24-hour slot.

Now with the 1.13 update, I think its time to rethink how the server operates. I’m also lacking in free time so want to set things up in a way that reduces administration.

Things have not been set in stone yet, a few of us are having discussions and things are still in flux but some things I can share already.

Fun plugins that provide features like ability ranking, shops, warps, teleports, economy, land claiming and protection will all be backĀ 100%. Factions will be ditched as we found that most players play by themselves, there were only a handful of factions that had more than 2 members. Right now we have Griefprevention and Residence on the table. Both offer very flexible land claiming and both let you subdivide your claim for members in your town/city/club/clan.

Other features to return are creeper holes repairing themselves, various cosmetic VIP perks, NPCs, MiniGames and Quests.

I will enable comments on this post in case anyone has questions or suggestions!

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