Considering A New Plugin For Map Maintenance

Most of us dislike stripped sections of the map that are devoid of resources, or deserted builds raided for valuables, and for the past few years, the staff manually cleaned up these eyesores. That’s a lot of work and its not as smooth as we would like.

We have found a plugin that can automate this but we want to make sure everyone understands how it functions before we install it.

The plugin will scan the map for 2 events, if a chunk has been visited and if a chunk has been claimed. If neither are true then whole chunk will be deleted. Once someone visits the chunk, it will be regenerated from scratch, like no one ever touched it. This does mean you need to make SURE your whole town and all builds are claimed. If you are missing claimed Towny blocks in your town, and you have not visited those chunks they will be deleted by the plugin.

I will be double checking all server builds over the next few weeks, and I suggest you do the same. If you need assistance in checking your claim let staff know. You can read more about it Right Here.

The plugin will be activated on the 1st of April. That’s not a joke.

Towersuite town by Silverhawkroman

We switched from Legendchat to Townychat

In order to use the chat features of Towny we had to switch to Towny chat. I’m still tweaking the look and feel of it but everything should be working. The way Townychat works did mean I switched our Discord chat channel from Global to General.

You can find the commands for TownyChat here.