March 2017

     The Optifine Plugin!

Optifine is a small but powerful Minecraft mod that optimizes the game’s performance. Seeing there are still a lot of players on our server that don’t have Optifine installed, I’ve decided to make this little video.

As you can see it really makes a huge difference when it comes to areas that have signs, item frames, and redstone circuits. In this video I visited Technologics’ shop twice, first with a vanilla Minecraft client and then again with Optifine enabled. I chose his shop because he has several shops with signs and a running redstone circuit crammed into a small space.

From this video you can take away two things, first is to install Optifine; Its essential! Second, if you want to make your shop friendly for players to visit, do not have a redstone clock in it as it will murder their framerate.

Install Optifine by clicking here. if you click on the mirror link you will get 1 ad screen less. 😉

The town of Carlisle

Carlisle was one of the first large Towny towns. At its peak it had over 14 members. Sadly they left and today the cash in their bank ran out so the town fell into disrepair. Lethal was one of the first on the scene to raid their chests for goodies.

          PluginTalk: Regionerator
As you might know, we are going to install a new plugin called Regionerator. This plugin will delete chunks based on when it was last visited by a player. Players can take steps to ensure their house will never be removed.

          How does it work?
As players move around, it will flag a radius of four chunks around them. From the time of flagging it starts a 30 day countdown. As soon as it reaches the end of those 30 days, and if someone didn’t visit the area again, it will delete those chunks. Chunks that have Towny or Worldguard protections on them will never be deleted unless revoked.

          What does deleted mean?
Deleted means everything that was in those chunks will be removed from the server. This includes changes and builds made by past players! When someone visit the chunk after deletion, the server will regenerate that chunk, as if no one has ever been there before. All mined resources will spawn again, and the landscape will be fresh, waiting for future players to build and explore.

The Town of Whitestone Is Taking Shape!

Small Towny Database Crash

Today the Towny plugin refused to read from it’s database after the daily restart. It refused to budge after several different attempts at fixing it, so I restored a four-day old backup. Luckily I had a list of actions I did in the last few days, so I could do them again. I also gave back the money of two people I saw deposit funds into their town banks.

This does not affect the map. All Towny does is keep track of towns, nations, their claims, cash, and plots they have. If you find anything that is not right, please let me know, so I can assist. Sadly the MCMMO data was also in the same database so that rolled back four days as well.

The Towny and MCMMO data have now been converted from MySQL to Flatfile, so we won’t have this problem again.

Considering A New Plugin For Map Maintenance

Most of us dislike stripped sections of the map that are devoid of resources, or deserted builds raided for valuables, and for the past few years, the staff manually cleaned up these eyesores. That’s a lot of work and its not as smooth as we would like.

We have found a plugin that can automate this but we want to make sure everyone understands how it functions before we install it.

The plugin will scan the map for 2 events, if a chunk has been visited and if a chunk has been claimed. If neither are true then whole chunk will be deleted. Once someone visits the chunk, it will be regenerated from scratch, like no one ever touched it. This does mean you need to make SURE your whole town and all builds are claimed. If you are missing claimed Towny blocks in your town, and you have not visited those chunks they will be deleted by the plugin.

I will be double checking all server builds over the next few weeks, and I suggest you do the same. If you need assistance in checking your claim let staff know. You can read more about it Right Here.

The plugin will be activated on the 1st of April. That’s not a joke.

Towersuite town by Silverhawkroman

We switched from Legendchat to Townychat

In order to use the chat features of Towny we had to switch to Towny chat. I’m still tweaking the look and feel of it but everything should be working. The way Townychat works did mean I switched our Discord chat channel from Global to General.

You can find the commands for TownyChat here.