Halloween at Kaizen Worlds Minecraft server

The server is growing again!
One of the reasons I decided to relaunch, apart from the 1.8 update, was to blow some new life into the server and last Sunday we had 9 users online!

9-usersFurther stats:
48 players have logged onto the server since the relaunch, 15 of those play daily while 24 log on at least once a week, the rest are either new or don’t log on much.


The people that make this server possible!
A server cost hundreds of dollars a year to run so without people donating we simply don’t have a server!

The donor hall of fame was not that easy to find in the old Spawn Castle so I have given it a more prominent place now in one of the town houses.

So, with this post I would like to thank MattTheDolphin, SFaulken, Samantha CS, The Troy, Reeco9, awsmstevie, x and b grolleman and last but not least, hotdish101.

Once 1.8 bukkit is out we are planning to organize a donor fun run. The hosting company we are with gives 2 months free hosting if you pay annually and that is a saving worth going for!

Right now we have 3 packages in our shop.

  1. From the kindness of your heart, this is a 10 USD minimum but you can pay more, there is no reward other than your head in the donor hall of fame. This package was created on request for people who want to stay strict survival.
  2. a 10 USD home decoration package which gets you your own head, 2 banners looking as close as possible to the flag of a country of your choosing, 50 flowers of your choice, 10 flower pots, 1 jukebox, 1 armor stand, 5 paintings and the complete set of music discs!
  3. A 5 USD  head on a stick, any head you want. Hang your lover on your wall or put the person you hate the most on a stick.

The donation page is in the menu above!


Our growing map thanks to the explorers.
As you can see from this map MCMAP Live render we have not found the mesa biome yet but as far as I can see all other biomes have been discovered.

The offer of 64 diamonds for the mesa biome still stands.


Spawn town update
Buildings are almost done, now working on the donor hall of fame!


Flags of the world at Kaizen Worlds Spawn!
One of the things I like the most of our little Kaizen Worlds Minecraft Survival server is the diversity of people playing. Seeing that 1.8 now supports banners we now have flags representing the countries of our players.

We will add more as people log on.

Banners created by YettiEatsYou


You can never have enough pink!
Carbonkitty loves herself some pink!


A water temple without water!
Ever wondered what the new water temple looked like without all the water? No worries, Yeti found one, build a wall around it and then drained every last drop with sponges!


Spawn is slowly taking form!
I’m building a huge wall around the whole spawn area, once completed there will be farms, animals, villagers and buttons which give goodies. The whole area is lid up so it should be monster free.

As far as snapshot bugs go, not seen any show stoppers. Just cosmetics, I think the final release of 1.8 is imminent.

The wall with walking view area is shown top left, the spawn castle is taking shape top right, spawn point is right in the middle and the green grass part will be the shops and houses.


Sadly we seem to need rules
We try to keep things simple and free at Kaizen Worlds but we do need some basic rules.

First off, we are a survival server so do not ask for free items. I only go into creative mode to work on the spawn area, the rest of the time I play in pure survival. That said DO ask other players for trades.

Carbonkitty and Diamondhoodie love farming so they are good people to trade farm related items with. The Troy loves fishing so talk to him if you need some fish. I love chopping wood and collect plants. YetiEatsYou, a new player to Kaizen Worlds, is a mining machine, so is SFaulken so speak to them for mining related trades.

Next up, griefing. Until we have the claims plugin back please do not touch other peoples builds. It sucks putting a lot of time into something only to find it griefed the next day. Once the claims plugin is back its open season, if you don’t claim anyone is allowed to destroy your build. We will use the griefprevention plugin which is silly easy to use. There will be a tutorial on the blog and as a YouTube video once its back.

PVP, it’s enabled but seeing players range from 4 to 40 please be aware not everyone might think it us funny to be ambushed. Once the worldguard plugin is back we will have PVP and non-PVP areas. If you walk into a PVP area you will be an open target for attacks and getting all your items taken. We will make paths between all areas on the server that will be non-PVP so you can get around without getting hassled.

Lastly, language. The f word is a great word when used in the right sentence but overuse just makes you look like an ass, just don’t, ok?