Survival 1.7!

Another quick update by Joe here,

In case anyone is interested in vanilla survival in 1.7, Kaizen has temporarily brought 1.7 to the server. Currently, we have no plugins; pure vanilla reigns at the moment. Everything in 1.7 exists! Biomes, flowers, glass, so on and so forth. Come on in and have some fun exploring the new world!

Once we do get a proper 1.7 Bukkit running, the 1.7 vanilla world will stay up as a separate world, like we have our Kaizen main world and our Shobu game world. Creations will not be destroyed in the 1.7 world, and the creations on the other two worlds, which are currently inaccessible, are not gone. This is only temporary, until we can get a proper Bukkit to load the plugins correctly. So, for the time being, please watch out for your belongings, as pure vanilla means there’s nothing protecting you or your home.

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