Hey All!

Heya people!

For those wondering, Kaizen in Japanese is “everlasting gradual improvement.” Random facts. Heh.

New blogger staffer ere. Would rather not reveal my full name, but both on here and in-game, the name’s Joenaruto! Derived for a sake of email in third grade, and it fit, so I kept it.

Anyhow, short intro on myself. Besides being part of the Kaizen staff, I like reading and playing games. Been playing lots of Pokemon Black 2 lately on my phone. Good stuff. I’m also a big fan of Doctor Who, and some of the staff on here are too. Puckman (aka Gerard) here has seen the show in the Fourth Doctor’s era, so yeah.

I’m not entirely sure of what way we’ll be using this blog yet, although I do have several ideas. Any suggestions?

Now, for some quick notes.

Here’s a link to some snaps of builds on the server!
Link to Kaizen Worlds Flickr!
A history of pictures of sorts, from the start to what we have today. Puckman should keep adding more on the way.

That’s all for now. Catch you all later and happy mining! And don’t forget to say hi to us if you see us online. Cheers!

Planet Minecraft Link to Kaizen.

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