Another quick update by Joe here, In case anyone is interested in vanilla survival in 1.7, Kaizen has temporarily brought 1.7 to the server. Currently, we have no plugins; pure […]

Hey people, Joenaruto here. Couple quick updates. The Admins on the server have started a heated prank war! Various pranks of all sizes are being thrown, some quite literally, at […]

Heya people! For those wondering, Kaizen in Japanese is “everlasting gradual improvement.” Random facts. Heh. New blogger staffer ere. Would rather not reveal my full name, but both on here […]

What’s up everyone, this is MattTheDolphin here! Just an update: as of September 7, 2013 we have opened our server to the public. Puckman71, The Kaizen Worlds Staff and I […]