Kaizen Worlds was founded on the 23rd of April, 2013 as a vanilla survival server. At the last count, we have seen over 2,468 people log onto our little server! Our players are of all ages, races, religions, and orientations. As such please be respectful of all!

Currently, we run 3 worlds with 2 more in development.


The main survival overworld, PVP is disabled but from the 1st of December, you are allowed to raid. The Residence plugin is very easy to use so there is no reason why you can’t protect your build. If you need help just ask, both staff and players are always happy to help.

Proteus Nether

Our Nether, enter at own risk, PVP allowed and encouraged. There is a city with a shopping district under construction which will be the save zone for players unwilling to risk getting their heads chopped off. I would expect high prices on nether material.

Proteus END

The End. Not decided yet how we will run this.

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