We are a friendly survival server now in it’s 3rd year!

KaizenWorlds is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment! We are revamping the server to help incorporate the famed plugin “Factions”. Set to re-launch on February 1st this year, we are bringing back familiar plugins that enhance server play experience with things like money, shops, experience points and abilities through gameplay.

Different from every other factions server, we are introducing a maximum power level of 300! That’s 300 chunks and over 9,600 squared blocks available through factions claims (trust us that’s a ton), just for being on the server long enough!

For an example of how much claim land that allows you, take a look at the dynmap (Click Here for Dynmap)  and take a look at the faction “DeadRekin” (located in the S-SW corner at around 1280 65 1688), a faction which uses only 256 of the 300 claim blocks.

Added to ensure players don’t need to constantly join for maintaining claims, we limited factions to six months of player inactivity before it resets a players power level. This means you can feel free to come and go when you can without really having to worry about loosing your claims. We want to stick to operating a server that is free to play, without players who pay to access special content or better gear, so no extra land will be purchasable at this time.

For those who don’t want to join in on the epic ware-fare, we are in game changing their factions to “peaceful” status. This disables PVP killing of or by these players, so they can enjoy the new 300 chunk claims system without bother.

Our server will re-launch with a new I.P. address due to node-relocation, and we will be publicizing the I.P. through various platforms online including this website.